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Advanced Smart Ring

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Our products are temperature-sensitive rings that change with temperature. It is worn on the finger for 20-30 seconds, and different black numbers can appear in the middle of the ring;

There is a process of heating and cooling, and the temperature is also felt as the environment changes;

The temperature is displayed when the temperature of the hand (Finger) reaches a certain temperature; (When the temperature is not shown, you can use the other finger to close the finger for a moment)

When the temperature is unstable, some temperatures will be displayed. It is recommended to wear it for a while. If it takes a long time, it will only light up the total hand temperature; if it displays a lot of colors, green is right.


  • 100% New & high quality.
  • Its special design will make you look unique.
  • Make you more attractive and elegant.
  • Beautiful and attractive.
  • The perfect gift for your friend or lover.


  • Material: Titanium
  • Colors: Gold, Silver, Black
  • Ring Width: 8mm