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About us

Our mission is to provide the best hand-crafted jewelry to our dearest customer, wearing a piece of jewelry that makes you confident, a piece of jewelry that you could wear on any occasion. We are always striving to make the most exceptional jewelry and provide the best customer care. All of our pieces are handmade from Thailand, we carefully handpicked the best artisan to produce a high-quality piece. Each artisan is a master in their intricate craft – from wax modeling and casting, gemstone cutting and plating.


What Benefits You Receive?

Benefits of being a Brand Partner

  • Flexibility around your studies
  • Meeting new acquaintance and social benefits
  • Transferable skills for workplace Creativity with working
  • Self-development and Confidence-boosting

What we offer:

  • Earn Commission for every successful referral or sales.
  • Get 3 free jewelries on your registration as a brand partner, you’ll be updated as well if we have new collections and you can as well get it for free (tax and shipping fee excluded)
  • Personalized 70% off discount code for your customers, that you can put on your Bío and you can share it with your friends, followers and relatives to use in our website.
  • Earn 60% commission in every purchase with your discount code.
  • You can get a chance of travel compensation. (Palawan, Boracay, Bora Bora, Maldives, Ho Chi Minh City, Osaka)
  • Get featured on our Official Instagram and Website.
  • An opportunity to gain more followers.
  • Gift card from 20$ up to100$ that can be use on our website.
  • Compensation pay will be sent to your PayPal account, same day as requested.

Refer a friend:

  • Personalized 100% off discount code just for you
  • 10$ per every successful referral
  • Give your friends/followers 100% off to be our brand partner
  • Give your friends/followers careers, earn up to 60% commissions for selling our products and earn 10$ per every successful referral.
  • Payment will be sent only through PayPal.
  • Payment received same day after requested. A chance to win Phones, Tablets and Laptop every end of the year.

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